Name: Embery Sky Stellar
Date of birth:
Colour: Blue-white (BSH a 03)
Blood type: A
Felv + Fiv: Negative: 12-06-2017
PKD: Negative dd.: 12-06-2017 by DNA
HCM: Negative dd.: 12-06-2017 by DNA, 02-01-2019 by echo.

Pedigree of Kjeld

Kjeld4080 Kjeld4078 Kjeld4076 Kjeld4069 Kjeld4065 Kjeld4060

Kjeld is a very beautiful and solid blue-white stud from the Ukraine. Like his sister (named Embery Santa = Sister) he was bought to fresh up our breeding lines. After the long trip with a lorry truck he was very shy to us but after we had him a week in our bedroom till he was used to us. After a week he good used to the other cats and the lots of space in the living room and kitchen what he loved very much. When he was spraying little bit he has to move to the other r two studs in their nice summer home in the garden. Here he found his place and he was very glad to go outside and play with Kain and Kris.

He is very welcome in our cattery.

In the meanwhile he already inseminated some female cats and the born litters are very nice.