Liesje (BSH g)

Name: Lily van het Kieksenhof
Date of birth:
Colour: Blue-cream (BSH g)
Blood type: A or AB
Felv + Fiv: Negative: 16-10-2017 by DNA
PKD: Negative dd.: 16-10-2017 by DNA
HCM: Negative dd.: 16-10-2017 by DNA

Pedigree of Liesje

Liesje3910 Liesje3908 Liesje3902 Liesje3899 Liesje3891 Liesje3890

Liesje likes to cuddle very much and likes it very much to lay down on your lap. When you want to pick her up she doesn’t mind and is starting to snorre. She likes playing with all kind of stuff but balls and playing sticks she likes the most. If she is playing in he garden we have to pay attention to her that she would.n’t escape from the garden. She looks like a real Houdini. At his moment he garden is completely screened and we think completely cat proof.

All the cream in the fur is divided completely through the fur and therefore the light blue colour looks like it is as a lilac colour.
At this the moment she has a nice litter and she enjoys this very much. She is a very careful mother and now she starts playing with her kittens. She is cleaning them very well and she is learning he kittens to pie and sit at the cat litter. Also she enjoys it when the grand children are in the house and wants to play with her and the kittens.
we are very happy that she is one of the cats in our cattery.