Ulla (BLH a)

Name: Embery Ulla Britta
Date of birth: 
Colour: Blue (BLH a) (Longhair)
Blood type: A or AB
Felv + Fiv: Negative dd.: 09-04-2018
PKD: Negative dd.: 09-04-2018 (DNA)
HCM: Negative dd.: 09-04-2018 (DNA)

Pedigree of Ulla Britta

Ulla_707 Ulla_71d Ulla_70e Ulla_70c Ulla_70b

Ulla-006 Ulla-005 Ulla-002 Ulla-001

Ulla is a very nice British Longhair from the Ukraine. She is like Cindy and Kjeld coming from cattery Embery of Alena Berdnyk. At November 19 2017 I picked her up myself in the Ukraine. It was a very warming welcome by Alena, Victor and the children.
It was a very good and unforgettable memory to be there and to see how the family is taking care of the cats and kittens.
Ulla will fit very good in our cattery Next Page for breeding and trying to improve the British Shorthair as well as the British Longhair. We will take good care of her and we will give her a lot of love.