Waiting list cattery

At this moment we are stopping for writing-in f0r the waiting list otherwise the waiting list will be too long. In September 2021 we start with a waiting list for new litters in autumn and winter.

Available kittens

If you are interested in kittens which will be born from May 2021 till end of the year you can contact us. THE WAITING LIST WILL START AGAIN THE END OF SEPTEMBER. Due to the COVID-19 virus it is difficult to make an appointment about visiting. At this moment it is only possible to…

New Litters

January 10th 2021 3 kittens were delivered by Dasha. The father is Kjeld. All kittens are in option. Kallien has delivered. She is inseminatie by Floyd. 2 kittens are left from 6. All kittens are in option. Also Krissie is pregnant. The father is Kjeld. Expected delivery will be beginning of March. Cindy is als pregnant….