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At this moment we are expecting some letters:
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Unfortunately we had to make the decision to let our eldest female cat to see heaven at November 9th 2018.
Also at the same day we found our chocolate female pregnant Katja dead. She has a turned uterus which causes the death of all the kittens and also the death of Katja with a lot of poison in her blood. Still a week to go for delivery. A very sad day.

At this moment two females are new in our cattery. The first is a chocolate tortie with white Longhair and secondly a Longhair blue. The first is named Canmark Kallien and the second one is Embery Queen and she is coming g from the Ukraine as well Cindy, Aimee and Kjeld.
Also we greeted the brown female Veuger’s Zsa Zsa (BSH b) and the Red tabby spotted male
Wiskita’s Simply Red (BSH d 24) and soon Veugers Davina (British Longhair cream)
All the young ones will have a lot of fun together.

Our other British longhair female Embery Ulla Britta (Ulla) is now in another house with new owners together with a kitten of her. Also our ex tomcat Kaïn found a nice new house.
When Kaitlinn gave birth to her last litter she will be sterilised after 60p-7 weeks an d when the kittens are big enough Kailtlinn may also go to a new house. Preferable together with one of her kittens. She doesn’t ‘t like a big cattery and prefers to be alone or together with a child of her.