Babette (BSH a)

Name: Babette van Pippa’s Choise
Date of birth:
Colour: Blue (BSH a)
Blood type: B
Felv + Fiv: Negative dd.: 02-10-2017 by DNA
PKD: Negative dd.: 02-10-2017 by DNA
HCM: Negative dd.: 02-10-2017 by DNA

Pedigree of Babette

We bought Babette from a Belgium cattery to get a fresh new bloodline in our cattery. She has a nice thick light blue coloured fur.
The eyes on the pictures are not that nice orange colour but at this moment the colour is almost that orange as it should be.
The people from the Belgium cattery were very pleased that we would buy her. Also they bought two nice kittens from us. The contact between the both of us is very warm and friendly.
Babette is very playful and everything is a party for her.
Playing balls, sticks,  balls of paper and of course our fling birds are interested for her.
If playing time is too much she will be corrected by the other older cats and sometimes she doesn’t care.
If dogs should be present then even she is not afraid of them because she grew up with them. If the fridge will be opened or if tin cans will be opened she is always present directly next to you because she thinks that food will be served.
We are very happy that she is a member of the cattery.
In the meanwhile two times she has had her period and she is yelling very loudly during the period. She likes kittens very much and she is playing a lot with the kittens of the now present litters. We think that she will become a nice and caring mother.
In May she may visit one of our studs to get a litter in July.

Photographs of Babette.


Babette4153 Babette4147

        Babette 22-05-19Babette 22-05-19