All males are described on their own sub page. Here you will find several pictures of the cat and also you will find the pedigree of the cat.
Some of the cats may and can give insemination’s to the female cats. If you want to use one of our studs for your female cat you van contact us.

At this moment the price of an insemination is between € 150,= and € 150,=  Also when the kittens are born we also ask € 50,= extra per every living born kitten with at most 4 kittens. So at most the costs will be between € 350,= and € 400,=.
If the female cat has delivered more kittens this will be an advantage to the female cat owner.
If the litter has less then 3 kittens this is also an advantage to the female cat owner because the costs are less.

The advantage to the stud owner is that no extra insemination’s will be given if the female cat is not pregnant.
If you as owner of the female cat will get an extra insemination you should pay again € 150,=.
This is to protect our stud for too much extra insemination’s if the female cat is not pregnant.
At first we tested our studs with our own female cats and we know and can prove that the studs fertilise our female cats.

We have decided to this rule because we noticed that a lot of extra insemination’s were necessary. The female cat was not pregnant, could not be pregnant or that the female cat wasn’t rutting enough.
With insemination of other female cats there was no problem en a lot of living kittens were born so the cause should be at the female cat.
We hope you will have some understanding about this decision because we noticed that our studs get extra tired from the extra insemination’s and also that they lose weight.
Health of our males is very important to us.

If you want extra information we we are very pleased to give this information to you.
At  contact you will find our data.

We like it very much that you will bring the female cat to our studs for an insemination.
The following information you should provide us:

  • Value animal passport.
  • Declaration of a Felv/Fiv test not older then half a year.
  • Female cat should be healthy.
  • Female cat must be de-wormed.
  • Female cat should be vaccinated (maximal 6 weeks before the insemination).
  • Nails of the female cat should be clipped.
  • Female cat preferable should be chipped, We can control this with our own chip detector.
  • Female cat should not have any flees or ear piles.
  • Female cat may not act aggressive to the stud.
  • Female should have a pedigree.
  • You should bring a fertilisation form from your cat organization other than NEOCAT and NPV were you order the pedigrees.

The costs of an insemination should be payed or already payed when the female cat after 3 days will be picked up.
You will get a insemination contract, the filled in fertilisation form from your cat organisation and the necessary extra information about our stud.

If you need more information abut the insemination you can contact us.