On regularly basis we have litters from our female cats.

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In the past we also had Black silver tabbies but now the basic we prefer more. Also tabbies with the basic colours are sometimes born but we noticed that the tabbies have a little bit more energy then the basic colours.
The character of the basic colour British Shorthair cats we prefer more then the British Shorthair cats with the tabby pattern.
We also find the character of the British Longhairs more pleasant then the standard British Shorthair cats with the tabby pattern.

For the basic coloured cats we have our own basic coloured tomcats. The tomcats were breed with a lot of care and were carefully bought. At the moment we don’t have female cats with a black silver tabby pattern but we know some catteries who are breeding this cats.

The price of a British Shorthair or British Longhair is € 1100,=.
If the prices of the veterinarians, the dry and wet food, the cat litter and medicines will become more expensive we it is necessary to raise the price of a kitten. We try to do this as late as possible and we will stay at the average price for these kittens.

If you are curious about the costs for a kitten before the kitten is leaving the litter to the new owners you can click on the link.
It will cost more time to comb the fur and cleaning the longhairs in the first 10 weeks and therefore a little higher price its expected.

Costs of a kitten

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Blauw kitten gescand

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