If the female or male cats will be sterilised or castrated they descend in status in the group.

The best in a cattery is to find new owners for these cats. These cats will be relocated.

We want to give these replacement cats a beautiful, nice and better live for them after giving birth and inseminations.

Most of the time we already find new owners for these cats but if no new owners are there we are looking for the. We want to give these cats a good second live with more attention and care.
Sometimes a mother is leaving the house together with a kitten and of course that makes us very happy.

If the male or female cat is arrived at the new home address we will give the new owners advice if necessary. Most of the times we inform about wellness and behaviour  of the cat and we like it very much to get some messages from the new owners about the cat.
If you want to use this option you can contact us.

The price of a male or female that will be relocated is about  the approximately half of the price of a kitten and is between €450 and €600.

Information about us you will find at the contact page.