We like it very much if the born kittens in our cattery will find a nice and cosy new house with friendly people. Sometimes we will keep a kitten ourselves if we like it too much and the kitten is ready for showing or breeding.
IF you decide to buy a kitten of our litters we are very happy about that. Of course you have think very carefully about buying a kitten but still there will be a lot of questions which should be answered. We are happy that you will questions and give the answers. Sometimes we don’ know the answers directly but we know ways to get the answers later on. We also have learned something also.

A good contact between the new owners and us is very important for us. We also have questions for you to know you a little bit better and where the kitten find the new house. We like it very much if the contact will be a bit personal.
To get a good feeling about the new owners this can be at first by telephone. Only telephone contact, mail contact or almost now visits feels very bad and therefore we ask the potential new owners to visit us and the kitten  regularly.

It is no problem at all if you want to visit us at first before you want to choose and buy a kitten. You can see how we take care of our female and male cats and you will see where the kittens will be born in our cattery.

If you decide to buy a kitten from our cattery we ask € 500,= in advance for the reservation of the kitten.
You will get a signed reservation form with the most necessary information about the kitten. Also you get a form with advice about taking good care about the kitten till an adult old cat and a flyer about insurance. In this form you will find also the schema about vaccinations and de-worming of the cat. Some extra’s will be given to you also.

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If you come to us for the transfer of the kitten you will get a selling contract. You have to sign the contract and the money what should be payed must be transferred to our bank account or will be handed over by handing over the kitten. In this contract all the information about he kitten is written down. At least we provide you with information about taking care of the kitten in the first few weeks that the kitten is at your house.
Information about he birth, the grown up period, an animal passport and a pedigree will be given to you.
The total selling costs for a kitten is €1100,=.

If you are a breeder then a little higher prices will be counted.

If you are interested in a kitten please “Contact” us.