At this moment we have females in very much different colours.
In the British Shorthair the colours are Blue, Blue-cream, Blue-cream with white and Lilac-White.
For the British Longhair the colours are Blue, Blue-tortie with White and Red-White.

All different females are described at their own page by clicking on the sub menu.
You can see the pictures of the cats but they are protected for downloading.
All the relevant information is available and also the pedigree of the cat.

At least once a year the female cats may have a litter.
If the females have had at most 4 litters they will be sterilised and may switch from our house to a new house where a lot of good care can give them a better live then in our cattery. The standings for them to stay in our cattery will be decreased from high ranking to very low ranking and they don’t like that.
The price of a cat for replacement will be much less then the costs of a kitten.
You can discuss this with us if that is an option fo you.

All information about us you can find in  the tab “contact“.