On regular basis our female cats get a litter.
At this page the planning of birth and the already born kittens will be presented.
At there own tab the different litters will be described with text and with some photographs.

The price of a kitten is the national average price of € 850,-.

Litter born 02-11-2019:
Litter of Liesje and Kjeld. All 5 kittens have new owners.

Litter born 13-11-2019:
Litter of Kaitlinn and Kjeld. All 4 kittens have new owners..

Litter expected half February:
Litter of Ulla and Kaïn.

If you want to be a member at our waiting list this can only if you had a visit after a phonecall, that you already own a cat from our cattery or that you are familiar to us.

Photographs from earlier litters you can find under the link Litter Pictures.