Update website 2023-12-23

Our website is a dynamic medium. This means that on regular basis you may expect updates with photographs, new information about the cats and expected and born kittens.

Update of 23-12-2023:
Descriptions of the new cats are added and also photographs of the cats are added to their own pages. Als photographs of the last letter are added. More news of new letters is added to the news pages.

Update of 27-07-2023:
Several extra tabs are added with photographs of the litters.
A new advisory form and a new insurance company are added.

Update of 21-06-2023:
Several tabs are updated and behind the website some adaptions are made.

Update of 17-07-2022:
Photographs of Evjana Anjero litter P are added.
Also some pages are edited.

Update of 22-06-2022:
Added Chloe to the cattery and added photographs of the different litters at Next Page DD, EE, FF and Evjana Anjero litters M, N and O.

Update of  19-05-2022:
Added pedigrees and test results for the different males and females.

Update from 11-05-2022:
New line-up off the different cats. Deleted some females due to relocation.
Added new pictures of new females and litters.

Update from 05-05-2022:
Photographs of litter EA M and N are posted.
Some cats are removed from the website due to replacement or due to death.
Some new female cats are added at the website.

Update from 04-02-2022:
Photographs of litters are added and some pages are changed (prices and waiting list).
Some cats are removed from the tabs due to relocation.

Update from 06-12-2021:
At this moment a few pages are changed and our new male and female are added.

Update of 30-11-2021:
Finally photographs of the last 
letters added. Also some pages are adapted.