Update website 2019-12-01

Our website is a dynamic medium. This means that on regular basis you may expect updates with photographs, new information about the cats and expected and born kittens.

Update of 01-12-2019:
Photographs of litters EA C and NP O op de website.
Photographs of Floyd, Dasha, Krissie and Anna are added.
Health insurance banner of Reaal Dier & Zorg is added.

Update of 25-11-2019:
Several information in the tabs are changed.
Photographs of the litters this week on the website.

Update of 20-10-2019:
All kittens of Babette and Madelief are sold.
New female in concept added (Anna).
Expected litters Liesje and Kaitlinn added.

Update of 08-09-2019:
Fleur is removed from the Female tab.
Kaitlinn is added for replacement.

Update of 26-08-2019:
Description of litters EA and NP are changed.
Added litter of Babette and Kaïn born at 25-08-2019.

Update of 10-08-2019:
Photographs from kittens litter A and B of EA.
Two femels and one male added in the menu.
Pedigrees added.
New letters added in news.
Neuter and female replaced to a new home and discarded from the menu.

Update of 03-06-2019:
Several new photographs added in studs, females and litter NP N

Update of 15-05-2019:
Noted that Kris will be neutered.

Update of 05-05-2019:
New male cat added in separate tab
New photographs of litters Evjana Anjero (1) and Next Page (3).

Update of 26-03-2019:
Photographs kittens litter Fleur, Madelief and Holly added.
New shows are added where we are present..

Update of 30-12-2018:
New photographs of female cats and kittens nest NP K are added.