Update website 20190515

Our website is a dynamic medium. This means that on regular basis you may expect updates with photographs, new information about the cats and expected and born kittens.

Update of 15-05-2019:
Noted that Kris will be neutered.

Update of 05-05-2019:
New male cat added in separate tab
New photographs of litters Evjana Anjero (1) and Next Page (3).

Update of 26-03-2019:
Photographs kittens litter Fleur, Madelief and Holly added.
New shows are added where we are present..

Update of 30-12-2018:
New photographs of feamale cats and kittens nest NP K are added.

Update of 26-12-2018:
Several females are removed from the tabs and the new ones are added.
Adding expected new litters.

Update of 24-10-2018:
Several tabs are updated. Also photographs from the previous letters are added.

Update of 21-07-2018:
Tab of Litters is updated. All females delivered kittens.

Update of 30-06-2018:
Website is updated with the new females, photographs of former litters, deliveries and expected litters.

Update 0f 14-06-2018:
The website is updated following two weeks with addition of all expected litters, pictures of former litters, new cats in the cattery and an update of the female cats tab with the new cats.