Update website 2020-24-05

Our website is a dynamic medium. This means that on regular basis you may expect updates with photographs, new information about the cats and expected and born kittens.

Update of 24-05-2020:
The tabs: News, Litters, New litters and available kittens are changed

Update of 10-03-20120:
Litter Ulla added and description of expected litters.

Update of 16-02-2020:
New litters are added.
Translation of cattery Next Page done and also text is adapted.

Update of 15-02-2020:
Photographs of letters EA I and NP P are added.

Update of 01-12-2019:
Photographs of litters EA C and NP O on the website.
Photographs of Floyd, Dasha, Krissie and Anna are added.
Health insurance banner of Reaal Dier & Zorg is added.

Update of 25-11-2019:
Several information in the tabs are changed.
Photographs of the litters this week on the website.