Uriah (BSH c)

Name: Uriah van Evjana Anjero (Ully)
Date of birth:
Colour: Lilac
Blood type: AB
Felv + Fiv: Negative dd.: 07-06-2024 (DNA)
PKD: Negative dd.: 07-06-2024 (DNA)
HCM: Negative dd.: 07-06-2024 (DNA)

Pedigree of Uriah

Photographs of Uriah:

20230605 Uriah 993920230605 Uriah 996020230605 Uriah 9941 W20230605 Uriah 9952 W20230605 Uriah 9941 AW20230605 Uriah 9959 W


Uriah is a very lovely playfull young male. He loves everything to play with as well hij you female mates. He was a lovely ligt lilac color with a very fine and thick coat. He can still live in he house buy when he is ready to make kittens he was to move to the house of the other males Jackson and Jimi. He hij probably the last male for our cattery and will probabbly stay with us when his time comes when he haast be castrated.
He asks for attention and is always around us. So lovely.