Next Page

Cattery “Next Page”  is born after we suddenly get in our British Shorthair cattery “Evjana Anjero”  also the British Longhair.
This was a new page in our breeding program and thus the time for a new cattery name which belongs to the Longhairs.
All the conditions of cattery Evjana Anjero are the same for cattery Next Page.

Our daughter and son in law are the owners of this cattery and will take care of all the concerning documents.

Kris4113First we may buy Boerling’s Estate Kris. At this time he is neutered. Now he is living with new owners because he produced enough litters. Now he can enjoy a better live after his retirement.


Also at the end of November 2017 we could add to our cattery a very nice British Blue longhair. Her name is Ulla. She is coming like Sister (relocated), Aimee, Cindy and Kjeld from the Ukraine. The breeders are now very good friends of us. She is a very nice and good fresh line for our cattery. We are very delighted and thankfull to Alena and Victor that we may buy her. She is coming from Cattery Embery and we picked her up ourselves Hopefully she will grow up nicely and can provide the Netherlands with good quality kittens.


Holly is born at another adres under our supervision under cattery Next Page. Her father is Ch. Kaïn van Essajo who is still living at our place. The female is a direct link to our cattery. She is a very nice female who is very playfull and very nice to all the people and cats. She was very welcome in our cattery. At this moment Holly is relocated to another cattery in Belgium because we didn’t have a good combination for breeding at that time.


Also we have our Fleur. She was born in Baarn from cattery Canmark  like Madelief and Kalle. She has a very nice colour spectrum and also very nice. She always looks as she has a wrinkle at her face what her makes very lovely. We were very happy with her. Because she has very complicated and bad deliveries we hd to sterilize and relocated her.

Kalle 22-05-19

Kalle 22-05-19

Then we have our Kalle Canmark. A very nice and lovely male with a lilac-white longhair fur. He is a very fall guy and hopefully he will pass this to the kittens he produces when he is old enough to inseminate. We are very glad that we have him.

If you are interested or have questions please contact us.