Kris is neutered

Kris is  neutered tuesday May 21st. He produced enough kittens and we will give a good new home. No more kittens can produced by him. It is possible to use one of our other studs. If you want more information about Kris please contact us.

Kittens born.

Cindy was together with Kris. Kittens are born 13th of April. Unfortunately one of the kittens died. All kittens already have an option. This is the first litter of Cindy. Aimee was together with Kaïn. The 5 kittens are born at  23rd of April. 4 tabbies and one bicolor with white are in the litter….

Available kittens

If you are interested in kittens which will be born from beginning July till the end of July you can contact us. See also at “Litters“. Be aware that a lot of new owners are on the waiting list.