New kittens at cattery Evjana Anjero

From April 28 th we will welcome Holly. Her father is our stud Kaïn. Holly is a British longhair. Her colours and pattern is Red tabby spotted with white. At May 13th we are going to Irma van Munster from cattery Canmark in Baarn to pick-up: Klaas: British Shorthair Black-White Van male….


At this moment the females Sister and Alice do have a litter. Both cats didn’t have an easy delivery of the kittens and both needed a c-section. For both of them this was the second time to get a c-section and both have now a bad uterus. Therefore we have decide that…

Available kittens

All kittens from these litters are in option. No kittens available yet. If you are interested in kittens which will be born later this year you can contact us.

New litters born

Dauwke should be pregnant but only she had the appearance of a pregnancy. At short notice nu litters for her. See at the page  “News” sub page “litters”. If you want to subscribe for a kitten you can find our name and address under the tab:  “Contact”.