Kitten advise

We will take good care about the kitten and the kitten should leave our cattery in good health and should arrived healthy at the new house.
We have made an instruction about taking care of the cat, the vaccinations, deworming of the cat and a visit to the veterinarian.
Also we tried to give information about the food, playing with toys, cat litter and litter box and where you can purchase these items.
Because we highly prefer good health of the cat sometimes you have to visit a veterinarian with sometimes high costs.
Therefore we advice to get an insurance for your kitten for at least the cat is 4 years old. In a next tab you will see this extra information.

By clicking on the link about advise of the cat you will get the advisory form in Dutch. Every new owner get a printed form together with the reservation form.

Advisory form kitten version 8 (NL).