If you decide to obtain a kitten from us we will give you a lot of information.

We provide you with an advisory form about food, vaccinations, deworming, sterilisation and insurances.
We strongly advice the insurance of FIGO especially at the first year.
We advice to look at the site and read the provided information.

Formerly FIGO was Petplan.

Click on the direct link from FIGO to get all the information. You will have 1 month free insurance and within 1 month you will get an e-mail for continuing the insurance. This also is mentioned in our advisory form and our reservation form and is a kind of guarantee for you and us.
If you don’t want to continue the insurance for a year that is your choise.

We only will pay back the vetenarian cost to a certain maximum if the insurance normally will reimburse the costs.

After sterilization or castration our guarantee will expire.