Waiting list litters

If you would like very much a kitten from our cattery we find regularly contact necessary.
We contacted a lot of people who stand on our waiting list. Much more we are getting to hear that they already provided with a kitten. We like very much that potential new owners have bought a nice kitten but this is not so nice to us. Sometimes we have to say to potential other buyers that no kittens are available because other clients already provided them with a kitten without.

You as potential new owners will be placed on our waiting list because you have a good feeling about how we take care of the cats.
We strongly advice you to inform us if you have decided to buy a kitten from another cattery.
We made a reservation for you on the waiting list and we won’t say no to other customers because you maybe have forgotten to inform us.
Please be decent and give us as soon as possible information about your decision to buy a kitten from another cattery.

We have decided that if you want to have a place at our waiting list for a kitten we have spoken to each other by phone and that we expect that you as future owners have visited us. Both parties should trust each other and also we can show you how we breed the British Shorthair and British Longhair and can we give the approporiate information much better. Also we can show you all our cats and how we take care of them.

We don’t like this but we regret to take this decision.
We only want that potential buyers should be aware that we, as breeders, want to make a lot of time to build up a good relation between us and the new owners.

See for information the contact page.

Nancy en Evert Jan