To find a good veterinarian with knowledge of also small pets is sometimes very difficult.
In our environment we made contact with a lot of veterinarians and asked them what was their specialty with cats.
Also we asked them what they think about breeding and if they have some kind of emergency for especial c-section for delivery.

Eventually we found the veterinarian clinics of Floor Stembert. In the mean time she has a few clinics in our environment and always one of the clinics is open for an emergency. At the moment we are member of Anicura Kennemerland at the residence Velserbroek. Also residencies are in Beverwijk, IJmuiden, Sanpoort and Bloemendaal. Only in Velserbroek, Beverwijk and Bloemendaal a possibility is available for surgery.

It is important for the kitten that the new owners have found a good veterinarian in their environment and have full trust. Also the veterinarian should have enough knowledge about the British Shorthairs as well of the British Longhairs.
We can’t give any recommendations about the veterinarian at your residence but if you, as new owner, is living nearby we can recommend our veterinarian.
Don’t hesitate the visit a veterinarian to get the information you want. The kittens and later on the adult cats will visit the veterinarian for vaccination, sterilisation, castration and other medical issues. Therefore it is important that you trust the veterinarian. It is all about the health of your kitten or cat.

To prevent you for high operational cost we recommend you to get an insurance for your kitten or cat in at least the first year.
On the internet you will find a few insurance companies who will offer an animal insurance.
We recommend to get an insurance of: Figopet. Also this is taken into our adviseert form, reservation form and buyers contract. This is a kind of quarantee for you and us.

If you think something is wrong with the kitten or cat you can call us first for advice. We already have a lot of experience  with several small problems that we might have a suitable answer and what to do.
If we don’t know what is probably the cause you always can run to the veterinarian for a consult.