Evelina (BSH g)

Name: Embery Evelina
Date of birth:
Colour: Blue torti (BSH g)
Blood type: A
Felv + Fiv: Negative dd.: 07-06-2024 (DNA)
PKD: Negative dd.: 07-06-2024 (DNA)
HCM: Negative dd.: 07-06-2024 (DNA)

Pedigree of Evelina

Description of Evelina:
Evelina is a very lovely cat from our friend from Ukraine. In the beginning she had a little fear of the other cats while we had some letters running around. Nowadays she walks through the whole house and plays a lot with the other cats. Also she likes to lay on your lap in the evening while we are strike her. Also she likes the play in the garden when it is raining and she can run after the leaves from the trees. She has a very nice character and loves to be with he grandchildren.

Photographs: Soon

Enigma (boven) en Evelina (onder)

Enigma (boven) en Evelina (onder)