Jimi (BSH a 01)

Name: Roslin N. Jimi
Date of birth:
Colour: Blue-white van (BSH a 01)
Blood type: B
Felv + Fiv: Negative dd.: 27-03-2023
PKD: Negative dd.: 27-03-2023
HCM: Negative dd.: 27-03-2023

Pedigree of Jimi

Photographs of Jimi: Soon

Jimi is a very nice blue-white male from Kiev who due the war in the Ukraine was brought to us. He is a very cute cat and in the beginning he was a very shy and we noticed that he was locked up in a big bench. He felt the best secure in our big bench. Now we noticed that he is feeling himself  a more free cat and is very alert and is certainly not so afraid anymore. Now he walks freely in the cat house and sometimes we will find him ouside in the male outside area. He is more alert and wants to play with the other cats. Now we can pick him up and stroke him. We are very happy that he is living with us and that he is feeling allright with is. He is a very big asset to our cattery.