Several links are provided to het more information about the healthcare and the diseases which van be present with your cat. Most of the time the cats are very healthy but sometimes some diseases can occur.
We find it very imoportant that the new owners of the kittens are provided with all kind of diseases and the problems. Most of the time we can talk to each other about the diseases who might occur. In the most of the problems we have to sat=y that a visit o the veterinarian is the best. At the links information is provided from some veterinarian clinics.
For now these links are in Dutch and are picked from the internet.

Felv                              FIV                         FIP                     HCM               PKD             Draagtijd
Blaasgruis                    Nieren                   Urinewegen

If extra information is found from other diseases these are added the page. You are also free to search the internet.